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Sunday School


Since 2018, our parish has had a functioning Sunday School, organised in such a way that it allows children of ages normally between 5 and 12 years old to participate in regular sessions where they can learn about their faith in an organised, but also relaxed way.

Petru Busuioc, the Director of the Sunday School, together with the team of volunteers, has put together a lesson plan adjusted to the way we can provide this service to the members of the parish (only member families are invited, due to the costs associated, but also the commitment).

The lessons follow closely the schedule agreed by the Education Ministerial body in Romania, to ensure they are suitable to the children, the content is according to the teachings of the Orthodox Church, whilst remaining fun!

Please feel free to inquire at the church about the Sunday School and how you can sign up your children.

Update 23 Feb 2021: Sunday School will be re-opening on the 28th Feb, with classes being presented as online content only for now, due to the pandemic, but also on-going works taking place in the church and the social rooms underneath (new heating system and associated refurbishments). The works are estimated to finish by June.

The parish calendar (LINK) has specific info around each session and its associated content. Once registered, you will receive more information (like how the lesson tags system works etc.).

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