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Our Clergy and Staff

Our parish is under the guidance and spiritual leadership of His Eminence Archbishop and Metropolitan Joseph of the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese of Western Europe. 

The current clergy and the lay leadership team are all assigned and serving in the parish together, working towards the spiritual well-being of the members.

Rev. Fr. John (Ioan) Mandu is the assigned parish priest and rector of the parish and also acts as the chairman of the associated charity, which is how the parish is administratively organised. Fr John is married (like most Orthodox priests) and has two children.

Fr John has a BA in Pastoral Theology from the University of Bucharest and has also graduated a Theological Seminary in the natal Romania. He has a number of other courses under his "belt" and also works part time as a prison chaplain.

Fr Ioan Mandu.jpg

Deacon Marius Picu is the deacon associated with the parish and acts both in worship, but has many other responsibilities associated with the organisation and the ministry of the parish. He is also a Theology graduate (plus Seminary) and also has two young children.

Dcn Marius Picu.JPG

Subdeacon Mihai Davidescu is entrusted with administrative duties, especially around supplies, Altar care and general housekeeping. Every church needs a person like Mihai! He is married and has a child.

Subdeacon Mihai.jpg

Subdeacons Thomas Jagels and Mihai Cuzub are also entrusted with administrative duties and general housekeeping. 

Diana Popusoi is the Treasurer of the parish (and associated charity). She is dealing with the financial matters and makes sure we are stable money wise and comply with all relevant legalities regarding payments, accounts, balances and provides regular finacial reporting to the PCC and the larger AGM and of course to Charity Commission.

Diana Popusoi.jpg

Ancuta Alupoaei is the Secretary of the parish (and again, the associated charity). She is dealing with general admin matters, runs the monthly PCC and the larger annual AGM meetings provides, provides regulatory reporting to the PCC and the larger AGM and of course to Charity Commission.

Ancuta Alupoaei.jpg

Petru Busuioc is the Sunday School Director and is also a member of the PCC. He is busy with all the management of the Sunday School, preparing the lesson plans, managing the volunteer teachers and in general makes sure the School runs smoothly.

Petru Busuioc.jpg
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