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Become a member of our parish

We give glory to God for the beautiful way in which our community grows by His blessing, through the relentless time, energy, and love, invested by its members. The activities we carry out involve costs of all types, and the  support we receive is essential for continuing our mission in the long run. 

The parish income is based entirely on voluntary donations, which consist mainly of planned financial contributions made by the parish fellows. Membership is, in this context, the only way of ensuring the long-standing existence of our parish together with the activities we perform. Becoming a member automatically grants you access to all services and events we organise: prayer lists, Sunday School, Bible Study, etc. 

We thank you in advance for being members and patrons of your parish and we pray that the Lord will replay you!

​In order to become an active member of our parish, you need to register your details if you haven't already and then set up a Direct Debit.

Register Your Details

Select the ”Membership” option and also tick the Gift Aid check box, assuming you pay income tax, like most working people.

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