Church Address
Church of the Holy Trinity
Oxford Road
United Kingdom
Parish Priest: Pr Ioan (Fr John) Mandu
+44 (0) 7927 077812
Deacon: Fr Dcn Marius Picu
+44 (0) 7594 268169

Parking at church - options:


  1. Park on the streets around the church (e.g. Russell Street, Waylen Street, Baker Street etc.) - make sure the parking space allows non-residents to park. If it does, usually it permits 2 hours free parking.

  2. In the Q-Park car park located on 6 Chatham Place, Reading RG1 7JF, (WEBSITE). We have negotiated a 20% discount with this car park, which will be applied when paying for the parking at your return to the car, using discount tickets which we will be providing in church.