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Ministry for the poor and homeless

Based in Reading, ​CIRDIC​ is recognised as a safe and welcoming drop in centre for homeless people who are disadvantaged and living in the local community. 

Working together within our community to offer love, hope and compassion in order to restore human dignity, self-respect, and well being.

We are part of a team of volunteers and together, using just members and resources of our parish, are currently providing meals for 70 disadvantaged people every week! It's a tremendous effort, but also one that has so much impact in the lives of those who need help, as it allows them a bit of "headspace", in order so that they can focus on other issues.

Our work there is also a deep commitment to show our Christian values, where taking care of the poor and hungry (alms giving) is one of the main virtues we ALL need to seek.

The leader of the group is Alina Cimpean and her contact details can be obtained from the church - please enquire!

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