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Slough Mission

For now, services in Slough only take place on Wednesday evenings. Please consult the full details on the Calendar page.

Parish Priest: Pr Ioan (Fr John) Mandu
+44 (0) 7927 077812
Deacon: Fr Dcn Marius Picu
+44 (0) 7594 268169

Parking at church - options:


  1. Park on the streets around the church (e.g. Church Street etc.) - make sure the parking space allows non-residents to park. 

  2. The church has a courtyard, with entrance at the end of the cemetery, on Albert Street. It only allows parking for about 10 cars. Please make sure you do NOT park too close or on any grave stones! You will be made liable for any damage caused.

Church Address:
St Mary's Church
Church Street
United Kingdom
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