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Prayer list for Divine Liturgy


To fill the name list for Divine Liturgy form click here.


The pandemic has brought with it necessary changes on

how we manage the prayer lists and the paper ones had to

be retired, due to the risk of infection, as a lot of people

handle them. They have been replaced since July by an

electronic system, using Google Forms.

We also now try to avoid handling cash as much as possible as well, due to the same risk of infection. Therefore:

1. The membership payments expected from all of us (we are self managed and don't receive financial assistance from anyone!) are to be managed as before, but they also now constitute the way we pay for the prayer list we hold and gets read at every Divine Liturgy, Holy Unction etc.

2. We encourage everyone to support the parish through a monthly donation of at least £10 per adult - the vast majority of us can afford this easily. Link on how to register it, if you don't donate already (and please also tick the Gift Aid box):


3. Once you have your membership donation set up, please also fill in the prayer name list, which once done will also generate an email sent to you, as confirmation. Keep that email safe, as it has a button ("Edit response" - see a screenshot above) which will allow you to make subsequent changes. The prayer list will be printed about once a month, to capture any new changes.

We know some people will be more traditional and not familiar with this process - we can help. 

We thank you in advance for your help and your kindness in helping this faith community!

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