An important message follows for all, but especially for those who want to participate in the service of the Glorious Night of the Lord's Resurrection.

This year I don't think anyone expects things to be the same as in the past or to be "according to tradition" - it's just not possible; we must adapt, allow for change and respect the law and civil responsibilities.

In order not to lengthen my words, a few remarks on how services etc. will happen (the list is NOT exhaustive):

For Easter night

  1. The access in the church to the service on Easter night is made exclusively on the basis of a previous appointment. Available places (if any) appear in the calendar, following the link next to the calendar entry. Direct link: Places in the church are very limited, following the social distance legislation. Facial masks are mandatory.

  2. We discourage the use of open flame candles to avoid accidents. At the church you can find special Pascha candles, which last 36 hours, suitable for this use.

  3. Those who do NOT have an appointment for the Easter night service can come on Saturday 1 May at 10.45 PM in front of the church (the gate will be locked, no access to the church) and will be able to buy the traditional Easter candle, then receive the Holy Light and we will offer also the blessed bread, popularly known as "Paste": This will be available on a first come, first served and the stock is limited. Keeping social distance and facial masks is, even if it is outside, recommended. For those in the church, it is mandatory.

  4. If you want to buy the Easter candle, only card payments are accepted. There will be two POS terminals available, and the team of volunteers will help you with this.

  5. Thames Valley Police will provide logistical and job security support. Please do NOT block Oxford Road for your own safety and to avoid fines. You can only use the boulevard, keeping your social distance.

  6. We will provide to the police in advance the list of people allowed into the church.

  7. We recommend that you have an identity card with you, in case you are being asked to show your ID by the local police.

  8. At the moment of the Resurrection procession, around 11 PM on Sat 1st May, the church gate will remain closed, to keep the number of people allowed (and who have appointments) inside and to avoid any commotion. 

General rules

  1. Activity in Slough remains suspended, probably until His Eminence Archbishop Joseph sends a priest.

  2. Confession slots are limited at the moment and I can't be available more at the moment - please schedule when you can.

  3. There are other services that need a previous appointment - the calendar has details ( and it is specified when an appointment is needed, along with the link to the scheduling system.

  4. There are many Divine Liturgies in the week leading to Pascha and after, to allow as many of you as possible to participate.

  5. The fact that we do not know the rules is not an excuse, but in a way it accuses us that we have not done our "homework" and that we are not actively involved in the life of the parish. We cannot make exceptions to the LEGAL rules, because we want to keep the church open. We hope everyone wants the same thing!