COVID-19 related updates


Update 5 Jan 2021

All England is now under lockdown, as per the Government issued legislation. 

  1. All public religious services will continue in Reading, see details in the calendar. We use an Anglican church building, so all the rules published by the Church of England apply.

  2. The biggest two changes are that:

    1. Worshippers should not mix with anyone from outside their household or support bubble

    2. You can't travel outside your area unless you have a specific reason (see the link on GOV portal for more info, below), so that seems to mean that only people living within Reading can attend services. This aspect is quite vague and I have asked for guidance, but in the meantime I would NOT encourage you to travel to Reading from outside town for worship reasons.

  3. We will continue to stream online all public services - the parish calendar has links for the Zoom meetings. Sunday services will also be streamed on YouTube - LINK.

  4. Weddings and Baptisms can take place, with up to 6 guests. If you have one of these services planned with us, please consult with us before inviting ANY guests. There are now specific rules and conditions around these.

  5. Slough activity remains fully suspended - to be reviewed at the end of February.

  6. Facial coverings are mandatory in church, with the known exceptions.

  7. Membership in the parish is more important than ever, in order to remain active and to be remembered at the services etc. Contact us for more info, if you are not already a member.

  8. More info can be found here: 

    1. GOV.UK guidance

    2. Church of England response (remember, we rent an Anglican church so the rules published by CoE apply for us as well)



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